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Should i still invest in cryptocurrency reddit What percentage of Venezuelans would you estimate use/have used crypto for of the technology but haven't really invested due to the economic situation. Banks would still get in trouble. So, if you find yourself religiously checking some cryptocurrency's price, mostly an investment platform and this is sad because Bitcoin had to be some kind of a revolution to our life and financial system. You will get back your investment from the FIRST ”instagram. Share A low risk and easy way to invest into Cryptocurrencymedium. ShareComment. 1. No trap , monero to 12 usd easy peasy Que fin tuvo el ETF ? alguna noticia 360 bitcoin converter to usd Hey everybody, Let's not confuse this channel with CoinKit yet. I now it's cool to get listed in a tipping platform but we need to find were it brings the most value. For now let's use it in Twitter and see how it can be best used in TG. For the emergency unstake penalty that is paid to stakers, when is it paid? On the BPD? Or is it just added in to the interest column on go hex win? This subreddit was created to uphold and honor free speech and the spirit of Bitcoin; learn more about us. This is a community for all things Venezuela related. Submissions published in either the Spanish or English language are accepted. Everyone is welcome to participate regardless of political perspective. The moderators reserve the right to remove any comment or thread they consider to be breaking these rules. Esta es una comunidad para todo lo relacionado con Venezuela. Se acepta contenido publicado tanto en el idioma español como inglés. Todos should i still invest in cryptocurrency reddit bienvenidos a participar sin importar su inclinación política. Los intimamos a seguir las reglas del sitio y reddiquettey especialmente, las siguientes:. Los moderadores se reservan el derecho de eliminar cualquier comentario o tema que consideren rompa estas reglas. Customers can buy and sell Bitcoin to and from each other with local currencies or any kinds of money they have. In addition to that, instant deposit and withdrawal Bitcoin are also our strongest advantages. We would like to bring highest customer satisfaction when using the service. Delayed responses and locked coins self. Paren de Robar a los usuarios Stop scamming Users! Tether; a card up your sleeve self. Should i still invest in cryptocurrency reddit. Taas cryptocurrency on exchange cryptocurrency exchange written in ethereum. tron bitcoin exchange. forbes how to buy cryptocurrency. how to cash out bitcoin in india. vidz cryptocurrency wallet. What about ltc future. What is with NASDAQ on Monday?. BTC is the mother of all.

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  • Hay gente millonaria con una cosa que todos sabemos que esta en una burbuja
  • So, who's buying in the first exchange traded day? discuss.
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Amid the economic should i still invest in cryptocurrency reddit sparked by coronavirus, bitcoin appears to have should i still invest in cryptocurrency reddit momentum. The crypto community cheered the arrival of the third bitcoin halving on May 11the event every four years in which the reward for mining bitcoin gets slashed in half as a measure to control the creation of new bitcoins. And that to me is the most interesting part Billionaire hedge fund pioneer Paul Tudor Jones thinks so. That was seen as another noteworthy sign of support from a big Wall Street name, though the list of big names in investing that have vociferously shunned bitcoin remains long, including Jamie Dimon, Warren BuffettCharlie MungerMark Cuban, Paul Krugman, and Nouriel Roubini. Daniel Roberts is an editor-at-large at Yahoo Finance and closely covers bitcoin and blockchain. Follow him on Twitter at readDanwrite. Read more:. What the third bitcoin halving means for crypto investors. You need an account in order to star coins, keep track should i still invest in cryptocurrency reddit your portfolio, set up alerts, vote on coins as well as use all the other advanced features. Coin Capital Investment Management Inc. Coincapital is giving retail investors the opportunity to gain exposure to cutting edge technologies on a diversified basis. Among others, Diamond singled out Ripple and privacy-centered Monero click has been garnering the attention of dark web drug lords as of recently. best video card for mining cryptocurrency. Robinhood cryptocurrency trading hours is cryptocurrency in the stock market. top cryptocurrency today. trusted cryptocurrency exchanges. correlation between cryptocurrencies. app for mobile mining cryptocurrency. create bitcoin account.

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  • Tone vays will watch a 1000x only to call it a scam on the retrace to 200x.
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A review on consensus algorithm of blockchain. Irs letter crypto. infowalletlogin on your computer of Bitcoin looked like this:. Paymium refers to itself as the Bitcoin bank, allowing users to trade, buy and sell Bitcoin while also providing these users with a secure wallet system to store their Bitcoin. Invest wisely. Thanks so much. Promising new asset class Cryptos are a promising new market with rising global liquidity levels. Nutrl vodka ipo stock name 48 bd All Scripts. I verified all their stats and numbers. Although ether is the name of the token which is sent on the Ethereum blockchain, many people also refer to it as Ethereum. Robinhood crypto spread. Bitcoin cap chart. Should i still invest in cryptocurrency reddit. Chat will be muted in 1 minute Cryptocurrency trading course for beginners cryptocurrency coin grades. safe coins cryptocurrency usdt. bitcoin update news today. cryptocurrency taxes 2021.

should i still invest in cryptocurrency reddit

Badar hussine kicked for spam! (1/1) Get some if you trade on binance My money is on down, although that's too easy... Asian market will pump trx "Y el resto de tus análisis te los puedes meter donde te kepan." -Pepito. Uso del lenguaje insultante es considerado factor de interpretación abierta. Así que yo lo considero un insulto. Hamada Meeo: Hi admins ,plz , have 2 q , how much hours do I have to participate in skycoin prize ?? 2nd one if I buy today 200 sky will I be eligible for the prize ?? Vista la tendencia de BTC esperaba que la gente moviera todo a BCC Mcafee is a fking manipulative scammer. geez guys Is it time to leave crypto and start a serious wageslave jahb Drag your rekt body and drop it off the roof Fazenda de mineração bitcoin jornal da globo. Hi Ricky, Thank you where to trade bitcoin stocks xrp talk getting in touch with finder. I had no trouble navigating through all tabs and related info ended up being truly simple to do to access. Ahora, si cambiamos al toro por el oso, la should i still invest in cryptocurrency reddit se vuelve totalmente negativa. Cryptocurrency Fiat Currencies Tab Widget. Ahora no. Gestión simplificada de tus devoluciones. Do you How can i buy bitcoin online in usa a commerce. Traemos confianza, seguridad y cumplimiento con la criptomoneda. Envío gratuito. El escenario segun mi plan y lectura de mercado sigue siendo el mismo, si llega a zonas que invaliden esa lectura, perfecto, pero de momento seguimos iguales, esperando should i still invest in cryptocurrency reddit de desicion relevantes para movernos con los profesionales. How to buy on binance. Pretty nice post. Support Documentation Community Contact Us. We've picked out the top reputable cloud mining providers, so you can avoid scam companies. I found your weblog website on google and examine just a few of your early posts. ISIN, INEC, Symbol. There was also a fake polo android app for a while Engañado como a un chino Can't wait for Ripple coinbase announcement. Going to make trx look like a puny girlie man Omg kraken just dumped If i hold etc on bittrex can i get free airdrop It was already stated clearly. I don't really get your point. Si ahorita el BTC esta en oferta, es un buen momento para comprar mas.

Here's what I think is going to happen. Bitcoin will continue to grow in market cap in the next few years until it starts competing with the major fiat currencies. At that point, every month that the major fiats continue the policy of quantative easing, bitcoin will continue to gain price w.

Price movement thats what it means fool. It has started already

Once a major fiat stops qe, it's price will stabilise w. The governments of the biggest economies are not going to like being relieved of their ability to tax everyone through inflation and federal budgetary debt expansion, but they will have to as bitcoin will force their hands.

Coin / Name Market Cap Dominance Trading Volume Volume / Market Cap Change 24H Price
Kcash $763,312 10.44% 0.0629 +0.64% $26.101273
COTI $70,995,673 5.78% 0.0197 -0.54% $7.861216
FTM $278,666,403 10.60% 0.0576 -0.60% $38.890467
Caspian $693,394 7.40% 0.029 +0.70% $42.853826
YEED $277,800 10.34% 0.0626 +0.54% $8.864367
INCNT $177,120,796 2.54% 0.0218 +0.93% $2.379811
CXO $64,906,569 6.55% 0.0964 -0.70% $10.166728
Exclusive Coin $472,734,869 0.91% 0.0764 +0.86% $26.711932
GreenPower $70,771,856 5.34% 0.0747 +0.40% $0.151118
AAC $88,477,471 0.77% 0.0412 -0.12% $15.442307
Request Network $863,551,680 1.85% 0.0492 -0.25% $40.361726
ZCR $329,587 4.75% 0.0326 +0.15% $50.363755
VRC $563,861 0.66% 0.0105 -0.36% $8.280496
CyberMiles $666,956 4.97% 0.0576 -0.19% $38.681778
TNCC $522,639,727 4.77% 0.0560 +0.88% $49.310429
Verus Coin $320,123,803 7.71% 0.0350 -0.68% $6.506737
XSR $180,513 9.98% 0.0659 -0.62% $1.473157
LEVL $202,416,384 6.25% 0.026 +0.92% $27.29671
Acute Angle Cloud $205,552 9.22% 0.0713 +0.93% $20.723624
IRIS $829,279 10.62% 0.0225 -0.22% $9.43893
Renrenbit $877,543 1.28% 0.05 -0.73% $18.512657
SysCoin $394,309,371 4.55% 0.0874 -0.86% $6.725273
NEO $660,472 9.31% 0.0721 +0.23% $4.6950
TELOS $796,171,985 2.18% 0.0488 -0.85% $3.646136
ENQ $3,777 0.26% 0.0688 -0.28% $41.435704
BTG $334,578,196 1.42% 0.0653 +0.39% $36.916484

As the price of bitcoin should i still invest in cryptocurrency reddit it's upward trend, which will happen, the volume of trade will increase and there will be less holding.

Just a reminder. Trusting a mining cartel or some person to run and validate the rules for you is not peer to peer. Please refer to the first page of the white paper and tell me what assumption is stated twice on the first page alone.

Every coin is on support

There is no need to validate transactions on your full node, per the white paper. I run a full node. I also have a significant Bitcoin stash.

Tasas de coinquare reddit

Guess what? Because SPV is safer than having my keys associated with my full node. And that is also why i oppose Blockstream's solution of replacing it by a controllable Lightning Network.

Much of this is conspiratorial nonsense though. If this is the sort of logic that's led you to believe BCH is the "real" Bitcoin, no wonder there's so many upset BCash'ers.

It is becoming more and more obvious that Bitcoin will.

should i still invest in cryptocurrency reddit

It's deflationary nature makes consumers strongly disincentivized to spend it. Why would I purchase goods in bitcoin, which I know will be worth more tomorrow, when I can purchase the same goods at the same price in my local currency, which I know will be worth less tomorrow? This is obvious.

Because you don't have any cash, because you have all your money in bitcoin. You have all your money in bitcoin because, as you say, it will be worth more tomorrow and the cash will be worth less.

Viva el rigor analítico

Why would you exchange something that increases in value? Why do people sell rare coins or paintings? Why would you be holding something that decreases in value cash over something that increases? Thats why they say its important to diversify and not keep much percentage of your money in one spot, whether its one currency or one whatever.

Also bc as you say the inflationary nature of our cash. Why did the gold backed dollar work?

Where to trade cryptocurrencies reddit

It would've been worth more tomorrow than its worth today. Its very obvious why one would part ways with soemthing that would be worth more tomorrow. Bc they found something else thats worth more to them. But those shoes?

Remitano - Crypto P2P Escrow Trading

Do they increase in value faster than the dollars you spent on em? No those shoes depreciate rapidly. Why would you ever exchange something that increases in value for something that increases more slowly, or even decreases?

If we assume this is true, there is no premise for holding cash to begin with.

Yup, snap shot for BTCG was block no. 491407

Thats where your argument is flawed. Its like youre suggesting you have an infinite amount of cash and of bitcoin, so you may aswell expend your cash first, since the bitcoin is better.

Nope still it’s first of its kind, fast and free and it’s machine to machine interface.

But the thing is you dont have an infinite amount. There wouldnt be much cash to part ways should i still invest in cryptocurrency reddit, bc as you say why would you ever want something that increases in value less, over something that increases in value more? Right heres the problem, in this scenario, where its objective fact that bitcoin goes up in value and cash goes down in value, as each second passes, theres one gapingly obvious question.

Why are you holding cash to begin with?

As you say, one might be reluctant to part ways with something deflationary in exchange for something inflationary or simply less deflationary, but by that same token that person must also inevitably be someone who is enticed by the prospect of exchanging something inflationary for something deflationary.

So in this theoretical scenario, there is no reason why this person wouldnt already have all of their money in bitcoin or something else deflationary, but they wouldnt should i still invest in cryptocurrency reddit holding much cash out of any personal desire to.

Only coin that goes up now

Again, as you say, why would you choose to hold something that will be worth less tomorrow over soemthing that will be worth more tomorrow? NP, it was a fun one. Was just thinking about it, his argument was similar to a statement like "if i have to eat, i may as well eat healthy".

Buy usdt with btc

Which makes a lot of sense. Except his argument was basically, "if i have to expend my stuff, why dont i expend my shittier stuff? I just couldnt help but point out the multiple strange quirks in the logic haha. This is missing the point. The dollar is simply the language we speak for doing business in the US.

The role of the central bank is to provide stability, meaning stable prices. The federal reserve wants to incentivize businesses and people to re-invest the money they make back into the US economy. So when you say. You are exactly right, nobody wants to hold cash, because it is designed that way.

Because of inflation There is no economic zone associated with BTC except for maybe online drug trade.

  1. This is actually better than the movie.. :-D
  2. How would people opt out of a completely centralised Internet? Wouldn't that make everything a significant percentage of people value completely obsolete?
  3. Los demas altcoin tiene sobre venta

The few entities that get paid in BTC are now in possession of a very volatile asset, because there is nothing to ensure price stability.

It is purely driven by demand, which is mostly speculative in nature at this point in time And really what is there to ensure price stability of anything?

No ones holding should i still invest in cryptocurrency reddit gun to anyones head insisting they treat USD as valuable. Theres not even a law that says a can of soda cannot be sold for more than one dollar, or more thanor even 1, dollars. So really is there any protection? And what exactly is it protecting? And who is it for and who is it from?

Live cryptocurrency market

You know. Theres no protection.

Sure let me show you some stuff

You cant force people to recognize the value of something or force them to recognize worthlessness of something. Or can you? Maybe you can i actually dont know but yeah i mean at the end of the day.

Iq options 2 minuten trades bets

Theres no underlying thing gauranteeing that every shop keeper wont wake up tomorrow and decide to raise the price to for a can of soda. And honestly do you even hear what youre saying. Do you see what youre proposing. OK so everyone has bitcoin.

Now you say everyone stops spending it and starts hoarding it. So when they get hungry waht happens? Youre saying the rich hoard more and more btc and become even richer?

They are already free to buy what has always essentially been the equivalent of btc, gold. I may be missing a point. I think you may be overestimating the significance of that point though.

I did show why the guy should i still invest in cryptocurrency reddit a bit clumsy in his assessment of the situation. Please though, explicitly tell me the point i missed so at least i dont go any further missing something.

Is it the medium of exchange thing? Given the option, why would a society gravitate towards, and go out of their way to, use an inflationary medium over a deflationary medium? So "civilian sam" has the option of being paid in tobacco or an economically equal amount of gold.

So why does he choose tobacco?

Predictions cryptocurrency 2021

I guess maybe he doesnt cause who doesnt want a store of value right so he chooses the gold. But he wants it as a medium foofexchange right so im following You want to force the business to be paid in tobacco, so it has to pay some fees while converting it to a deflationary asse investing? Is that how this is supposed to help sam.? I mean does it?

From my perspective i wouldnt think it was enough to really work its way back to sam with any real significance, even if it happens many many times very very often. But heres the thing thats also all based on the assumption that sam goes out and exchanges his tobacco for deflationary assets too.

Stable as fuck with tonnes of apparent vulnerabilities.

But we all know that's not what sam does. Sams money just goes in the bank and stagnates at best and more likely slowly depreciates. The Great Depression was a pretty good reason to move away from the gold standard.

By controlling the supply of currency, the central bank has a tool to soften these boom-and-bust cycles, like we've seen with Bitcoin a lot. By having this tool, an added benefit is that they can actually accelerate economic activity through artificially inflating prices.

Basically making cash an even shittier asset, forcing its holders to do something should i still invest in cryptocurrency reddit with it. This is something that I have not seen addressed in the crypto-currency space and may never be addressed due to its decentralized nature. You want to force should i still invest in cryptocurrency reddit business to be paid in tobacco, so it has to pay some fees while converting it to a deflationary asset investing?

Es la tipica formación copa y mango, patrón que indica precios más altos en breve

I'm not convinced this is helping us as much as we as a society want to believe. No one wants to believe its as ramshackle as it seems. No one even entertains the thought, and i don't blame you.

I myself keep thinking i'm missing something. But at the end here the day no one ever says anything more directly explaining why we need this than what should i still invest in cryptocurrency reddit were able to come up with.

Do Venezuelans actually use cryptocurrency? : vzla

Just some vague allusions to how it might theoretically work. No one can actually explain each transaction from the moment it comes off the press to the moment it somehow winds up in sams pocket. I understand its theoretically possible.

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But in practice? No one has a practical explanation for why this is as should i still invest in cryptocurrency reddit as its bizarreness suggests that it must be. Right so you "force them to do something useful with it" and they turn around and buy gold?

I thought about you said some more later on. Force everyone to use this currency as a medium of exchange, and periodically print more of the currency, this incentives people to spend their money. And sort of mitigates the effects of someone hoarding a lot of money and never spending it. But yeah id love to see an experiment where we let a town use a currency and we dont print more of it and see how that plays out.

Hey are the binance pump is real?

I suggest reading up on Fractional reserve banking, reading up on the Cyprus Bail in and the legislation changes across the world to make customers of banks creditors instead of Depositors. I suggest reading up on how the first cental bank was formed, the bank of England. I assure you everything in this post is should i still invest in cryptocurrency reddit true and you need only spend the time studying the gritty details and the history to find it.

Is bitcoin legal in the us

I've read about it. I've watched all the Zeitgeists.

Also, you autostake at the time of claiming.

I read Zero Hedge etc. It's mostly bullshit conspiracy with a kernel of truth. You understand just reading it isn't enough right? The Internet has dumbed us down, and simply allows the intellectually lazy I.

Is sip a good investment option zoom f 4

Most ppl to confirm their own biases without actually being properly informed. You're either severely misinformed or straight up lying. As another user said, just look at the history, it is very obvious everything he said is true. BCashers about to get rekt and destroyed by another altcoin. Nothing can beat daddy Bitcoin and it won't ever.

I am not really sure what point are you trying to climb here. Could you please somehow make it clearer? This is called Gresham's Law: bad money drives out good money.

Con la entrada de los institucionales ya lo cosa es diferente

Completely predictable and a little bit preventable. According to that logic, no computer would ever be sold -- not even with inflationary local currency. Look, this isn't my opinion.

Charlie was on national TV today

There are many real life examples of where a currency becomes deflationary. In every case, a recession happens because ppl don't spend deflationary currency enough to sustain economic growth.

Look at Japan's Lost Decade for an example of what happens when a currency becomes deflationary. And bitcoin is more deflationary then any of them.

Am i running a cryptocurrency miner

I didn't say computers are currency. I showed that spending doesn't stop when prices deflate. There's no reason to assume that computers and many other goods and services are exceptions in this regard.

Okcash, y omg lo demas en fiat o en icos

EDIT: Let me make it more clear. Mining isn't illegal, it's encouraged actually. As long as you keep quiet about it, you won't make yourself a target to corrupt officers or thieves. Everything is sold at the dollar's rate of the moment. It constantly changes throughout the day.

Si esta mañana estaba a $ 2k y ahora a $ 1.5k...

Crypto is definitely the tool to use. If bolivares are sitting in an account for longer than 2 or 3 days, that initial amount is heavily devalued. Virtually no businesses advertise that they accept any kind of crypto.

  • Cointelegraph also revealed that the trading of Bitcoin in Japanese yen has accounted for 46 percent of total trade volume worldwide, while the US only accounted for 25 percent.
  • You can ddos any network since all nodes addresses are public?
  • I'm using the extension in Brave. I don't see where I can change the gas settings. Here's what it says: Transaction Amount 0 ETH Gas Limit (Units) 269576 Gas Price (GWEI) ? Total 0 ETH $0.00 USD
  • 1 more retest of 6550's and then up

Owning, trading, should i still invest in cryptocurrency reddit and selling with cryptos is not illegal because the constitution is very specific in describing what is a currency, and cryptos do not fall within that description. Nevertheless, and although a lot of people here is aware of its value and would take payments in it very few even dare to to talk about knowing of its existence, the reason being, cryptos are almost exclusively traded directly in euros or USDs.

Principal hotel 38 charlotte square edinburgh eh2 4hq

Although mining cryptos is completely legal in this country, if you have a this web page large rig legally coupled to the powergrid and you are paying for the electricity chances are you will be arrested by SEBIN local should i still invest in cryptocurrency reddit policeall your equipment confiscated and put to work in some politician's farm and you will get tortured until you spit your wallet codes or your teeth out.

So most hook it up should i still invest in cryptocurrency reddit the power grid illegally and you are usually fine unless you have a way too large farm. With the advent of Petro, the goverment's pathetic attempt at a scamToken they call "cryptocurrency", chances are they will make mining illegal unless you are "regulated" I. E they receive all your real value cryptos and you get payed something in useless petro, or even worse, Bolivares and start arresting people for using cryptos for transaction on grounds of "currency exchange felonies".

They basically cant stand the idea of being unable to put their hands in everybody's pocket, they are already starting to intercept the money venezuelans abroad are sending to keep the family members they left behind fed.

should i still invest in cryptocurrency reddit

As for using cryptos to keep savings. Yes, literally every single person i know that has any amount of crypto is currently storing at least some in cryptos.

That makes saving in cryptos quite a safe investment if you can find someone that sells you some, most people here just hodl super hard in hopes of exchanging their little savings account once they leave the country. As far as i know anyone that is saving in crypto has no plan whatsoever of ever exchanging them into the local currency bolivaresor any plans of using them to improve the country.

They are all young 20ish people that really can not care any less for this sinking boat and are just trying to find a way to leave without having to arrive to another country with nothing to their name.

I'm gonna put it this way.

Now it's almost impossible to predict

I exchange cryptos for bolivares every days because if I exchange the money I'll need for the week it loses too much value. Convince you friend and people to work for bitcoin. We need labor and people willing to work for bitcoin.

Can you still make money on cryptocurrency

What do you mean? What kind of work? I know a lot of people that want to get involved and don't have money to invest in mining equipment. Any type of work they should post their skills.

Canada's most secure trading platform for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more.

Price cryptocurrency kmd

Coinsquare spreads are absolutely horrible and totally fictitiously inflated up for them to profit huge off of unsuspecting newbs. I go on to buy btc from 2 platforms. Satoshi to Bitcoin Conversion self.

Bought mod at 1126. Sparta!

With the added Instant Trade feature, users can make fast, unlimited deposits from Naira into their Remitano accounts. Got an email about reset account self. Crypto Writing Competition self.

Bitcoin price from March 16 through May 19, Yahoo Finance.

In mine bitcoin

Otras historias. Yahoo Finanzas. Digital Trends.

Might be a wick only to 6.8-6.9k

cryptocurrency insurence for yourr coins. Slowly ether is booming Bought on 700 and then on 1070. I am waiting till the end of the month for mainnet and also, it will be listed in 2 days in coonTiger exchange.

hope for the best!! When you sell,somebody buy Y cuando me levante espero Like fuck I was gonna break all my cold wallets for an alt Si clicas sobre ella te dira de añadir sticker Viejo esa imagen tiene de todo BLZ 0.58/0.61 cent steady. Can you toss me a link?

I can't seem to find it Scan scam scam.

  • Si correcto lo tengo activado
  • Banks are history, period.
  • What's the minimum deposit Of BAT in Binance?
  • Bitcoin to pass 7000?

please ban immediately!! I need to see at least the price I bought It is a bloody good one tho Apart from common ones There is for sure a lot of dumb money in ethereum.

When will the staking and AA tools be releasing?

However, it's mainly for ICO speculation and that is unsustainable Invertir lo que estás dispuesto a perder es una mamada. Customers can buy and sell Bitcoin to and from each other with local currencies or any kinds of money they have. In addition to that, instant deposit and withdrawal Bitcoin are also our strongest advantages.

Algo estas haciendo raro

We would like to bring highest customer satisfaction when using the service. Delayed responses and locked coins self.

Buy eos coin with usd

Paren de Robar a los usuarios Stop scamming Users! Tether; a card up your sleeve self. Blockchain in gaming. Could the technology hold the future of the industry?

What is Satoshi?

And you'd be right, barely anybody was, at that time.

Satoshi to Bitcoin Conversion self. With the added Instant Trade feature, users can make fast, unlimited deposits from Naira into their Remitano accounts. Got an email about reset account self.

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should i still invest in cryptocurrency reddit

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  • -- Ay Caramba: Its funny that after this “transfer of wealth” all that wealth will slowly trickle back to those who are wealthy. (Ill collect your rent in bitcoin😜)
  • Scarlet A: Yesterday was the scariest day of my life ripple to btc exchange?
  • - Ana Rodrigues: Va a rebotar. Pero las bajo. Así que tranquilidad. Lo que no era normal es que subiera para arriba a lo loco sin esperar una corrección severa. Todos comprando como si fuéramos a hacernos ricos y minando hasta chiquillos en la nube. Los milagros a Lurdes. El crecimiento de btc cuando toque suelo más abajo será sostenible y real q es lo más importante. En lo personal me alegro de que se caiga la burbuja y todo vaya “normal” de ahora en adelante creciendo poco a poco con orden
  • Xjulenax: BNT just broke the downtrend
  • - Sly Ace: Once money completely transformed into digital number all this skill will be useless. That's why bank has started to push more digital transaction, and one day everything will be.
  • Mariana Saji: Though databits have tripled recently
  • - Molly Platts: Porlomenos de aqui al fork esto va a estar para arriba